Provisional Ranked Game Placements

Hello everyone! So yesterday I finished my 10 provisional games and I got placed in Bronze V. This triggered the hell out of me (excuse my french) because I have won 5 of my 10 games. Although I wont 2 games out of 10 last year, which was when I first reached lvl 30, I got placed in Bronze III. And my last year's rank at the end of the season was Silver V. Rito pls, I worked hard for this and I am trying to climb higher this year, but this isn't helping at all. Some might say if this is not your rank you can climb easily, but my teammates aren't going to be at the same level that I am at. Thank you for reading to the end. I hope you fix the provisional placement as I don't think it is fair if others are getting bad ranks if they work hard. Good luck to all!
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