What do you guys build in supports?

Dont tell me "i look at the enemy team composition" but what you build roughly most of the time. I, for example build gp5 upgrade and {{item:3190}} (and {{item:2049}} ofc..) with different order according to the match and i dont believe there is a better different 1st 2nd and 3rd item. If i feel it is not a very hard match i'll buy {{item:1082}} somewhere in between (it sells for 70% of the price so its kinda worth even if u sell it) After this i believe i make {{item:3512}} , because of the tools it provides (pushing/dfending power, point runner, and sometimes the minions are projectile blockers) Has anyone seen the pro scene on supporting and their itemization, do they begin their games building anything else? What do you guys build as first items?
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