Yasuo Nerfs, Now

This isn&#039;t as much a discussion as it is something this game needs. NERF YASUO! Seriously, he is as overloaded as a goddamn Toyota Aygo that&#039;s heavy enough to break the Golden Gate Bridge into two! So here&#039;s my take on it. Nerf the crit passive and take away some of his &quot;quality of life&quot; buffs. I get that the dubble crit is one of his main things, but it&#039;s just too much! If you can have 100% crit chance within 10 minutes by just farming while most adc&#039;s or crit-relyant champions could get 100% only by getting a bunch of kills and even then only have it within 30 minutes, that's just not fair. I&#039;d say for the passive: Lower it to his crit being raised by 50% instead of 100. Then he can&#039;t build 1 and a half items and have 100% crit chance already. Maybe it should be even lower but this should at LEAST give him a bit less of an early game advantage and his core build will give 75% instead of 100%. Other than that, his quality of life stuff should be less. Like for instance, when he ults into an enemy tower&#039;s range, he&#039;ll do some seriously bullshait dodge range to stay out of the turret&#039;s range. This is one of the main things that gets me angry. Why is it even a thing, like seriously?! The ONLY way to really get him off your aws is by running under tower, but even if you both are low and you get hit by a tornado, he doesn&#039;t have to hesitate a MOMENT to jump on you with that ult of his, he&#039;ll just do it and be fine! So make it so that when a Yasuo ults he gets put on the other side of the enemy from where he ulted. (So like Katarina&#039;s old E where you would always be put on the other side of the enemy than form where you came) Like this for example, Yasuo should've been dead if he didn't dodge turret range! That's just not fair for Ahri. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15mwGO_hv58 {{item:3070}} {{champion:103}} Now his windwall. It doesn't matter if you're a good or a bad Yasuo, this thing will block a skillshot when it should've already hit. For example, if my Ahri Q looks like it hit but the hitbox is still 1 milimeter off, Yasuo can use his windwall and the skillshot gets blocked and then the windwall slides a little further forward in front of the minion wave so Yasuo can farm safely. So, although this might make Yasuo feel less smooth, take away the small slide that the wall does on activation and just put it immediatly in the max range so that if a skillshot is really close to Yasuo it won't disappear but will still continue it's path. Also, his Q. If he uses it in a dash it gets way easier to land and a lot harder to dodge, especially for immobile champions. Yet it deals the exact same damage as a normal Q (which I actually find a decently hard skillshot to land if the enemy can decently dodge). I think there should be a damage reduction on a spin Q of about 30 to 40%. It&#039;s enough damage to finish off low targets but a strong enough falloff to make sure you don&#039;t really want to use it in trades. Also, if Yasuo is in his ult and other enemies get kocked up while he&#039;s still ulting, they will be caught in the ult and stay there for the same time as someone would that got hit from the beginning. Just scratch that complete &quot;catching late knockupped enemies after having ulted&quot; alright? Lastly, just some slight base damage nerfs and scaling buffs so that Yasuo's early game outplays will matter a lot more. because right now a Yasuo can go 0/3 and still deal more than enough damage to get kills. One last thing that could work as a replacement for the nerf to his crit passive, is making his crits deal less damage. Cause buying a Phantom Dancer and a Cloak of Agility basically means your 100 ad is now 200 for 3350g. That's 250g less than the price of an I.E. and that onlt gives 70 ad! That's all, good luck in Yasuo land and have a wonderfull day <3 (Disclaimer, I am NOT an Ahri main, but she seems like the worst pick against Yasuo to me)
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