Can someone tell me what's the matchmaking about?

Here I am again with this stuff What's the actuall process of matchmaking?A week ago I was struggling in Gold V,but in a matter of days I climbed to Gold III once again,without any problems,nor changing my mentality or something,before this my teammates would be flaming,inting or either trolling,making my matches extremly hard to be won. Now,I did the same thing a week ago,making a thread about matchmaking,and for some reason my matches were at next level,the quality of these matches was at a high level,friendly teammates that knew what they were doing just helped climb all the way back to Gold III. But,from yesterday it started again:flamers,feeders or either afk in rare cases in my matches. It's annoying,because I put some effort into ranking up,my goal being Plat V,but there are people who would destroy your work,your effort being meaningless.I would like a fair match,not a onesided stomp that ends in 15 minutes,you would say "but when the enemy team is losing you're happy".I'd rather have a fair match for both sides,with people equally skilled in terms of mechanics,csing,knowledge and other stuff. It's not only annoying but it makes you feel like you wanna quit immediatly,seeing that once you climb they'll match you with people that are "bad" does nothing but just make that one player feel bad because he can't help his team,but only drag it down and the other players because they put effort in this game and it's get ruined by some people. Now,i'm not the best player out here,I know I did bad in some games but in 95% i'm pretty sure I did okay.It's the second time that I manage to climb to Gold III,and immediatly just getting matched in unpleasant matches. Take a look into matchmaking,there are a lot of people out there that have the same problem,but yet you're occupied with making Lux skins and nerfing/buffing champions based on pro play,has any of you guys seen a buff or nerf on Lissandra,because I didn't.
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