WTF Has This Game Become?

I've been playing since season 4 and I can confidently say that league has become the biggest state of a shit fest ever. I really don't understand how there are many people who are employed by this company, to balance and keep the game attractive, fun and healthy yet it just gets progressively worse. These people have jobs to identify problems, and then fix them and improve the game. If these people worked for any other company they would have been fired a long time ago for under performing. Here are a few reasons why league sucks off the top of my head: - Currently you got Irelia, Akali. and Darius coming out of bot lane more fed than a glutton at an all you can eat restaurant because you were unfortunate enough to have a teammate who wanted to play an ADC bot lane. Enjoy your free L - Laning phase ends and you get absolutely shat on by these champions and can't even run away cuz of their gap closers which have pretty much no cooldown. Even as a tank from the top lane you can't do shit because of conqueror and you end up just getting melted too. Conqeueror was a good idea as it helped bruisers fight tanks and helped bruisers scale more equally to tanks but when that 5/0 Irelia switches from bot lane and comes top you're donezo. - Asssasins, especially ones like Diana and Kassadin are even more useless because in half the games there is no ADC to burst. What made these champions useful, what they were good at, they can't do anymore in a lot of games. - How many times has the enemy team seen two of your teammates going base and so decides to rush baron? Then they absolutely shred through it, in 15-20 seconds, especially if they have a Yi or some other champion like that. Then you better pull out the FF votes because as we all know, baron buff is balanced and they will just go and end the game. - There is too much fking damage across the board. I can't stress this one enough. I remember when team fights could last from 30 seconds to a whole minute. Positioning mattered, how and when you used your abilities mattered, etc. Now everyone just hopes they can dish out all their abilities before they get bursted and die. - Base damage is too damn high. Champions like Akali can still fight you in double minion waves and win when they are down 1000 gold purely because of their cancer design and base damage. SUPPORT Brand still nukes your entire team with the press of his R key and has been doing this for so damn long it's driving me insane. - Nunu + Karthus / Taric + Yi combos actually work and win games atm. I played the game the other day where enemy team used the Karthus + Nunu strat. My team was up 15 or so kills but Karthus showed himself at 30 minutes into the game and we realised he had 150 CS more than anyone else. A few minutes later and he was pressing R and literally killed 3 of us while we were on the base healing pad. - Junglers are still fighting over rift %%%%ing scuttlers. This is seriously the most %%%%%%ed change that has been implemented into this game and that is seriously saying a mouthful. Whoever came up with this braindead idea should be fired and put in a psychiatric hospital. They take simple problems like junglers having too much imapct on the early game, and instead of, oh, i dont know, lowering camp EXP maybe or making them deal more damage, they decide, no, junglers should fight over rift scuttlers, that's what the community wants. If you told me a season ago that junglers would ever be fighting over rift scuttlers I would have told you to put down the crack pipe. - RIOT defines balance as "making sure no one champion has a complete advantage over others" (not a direct translation), yet some champions don't have weaknesses at all. Vladimir is meant to be weak early game? He's my most played champion in season 8, and anyone with a brain can tell that his early game is not that bad, certainly not bad enough to be heavily exploited as any good Vlad will play a little bit passive when he has cooldowns. Then if I survive to around level 8 I can just flash and one shot my opponent with my combo. - RIOT wants all champions to be viable, so they say. But there are champions I legit forget a part of the game. Mordekaiser? Kallista? Volibear? Gragas? Olaf? Ziggs? Anyone remember them? - It is 100% impossible to solo carry now. One idiot on your team will lose you the game. So what is the point of solo queue? I guess we should just all go and play clash. Oh wait.... LOL - LoL E-Sports is more boring than watching paint dry. How anyone can have the patience to watch this garbage is beyond me. Watch the players run around placing and clearing wards, wait 20 minutes for the first kill, then the teams stall out the game till minute 40 until one person from the team gets caught. Other team does baron and wins the game. How entertaining - There is still no effective system for catching inters trolls and griefers. Sure, it's hard to find out who is trolling and if you asked me how to do it I would say I don't have a clue. But I don't get paid a full time wage to figure it out and I also don't work for a billion dollar company! Insult these people once and you better hope you haven't been 14-day banned already or it's asta la vista buddy! BUT ITS ALL GOOD BECAUSE WE HAVE **COOL** EMOTES! :D On a serious note, someone over at RIOT needs to grow a pair of balls, fire whoever needs to be fired, hire whoever needs to be hired and grab this game by the hips and take some %%%%ing control. Is it not time?????????????
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