CertainlyT nepotism.

Darius Base movement 340 Mordekaiser base move - 325 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Darius Base health 500 to 2300 now highest in game Mordekaiser base health (also a juggernaut) 500 to 1700 (lol?) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Darius Base hp regen - 9.8 to 26 Mordekaiser Base hp regen 4 to 9.1 CertaintlyT created Darius, I rest my case. PS: If you don't think he makes op champs, know he also made yasuo (50% passive crit rating not even his passive) ZED and Thresh, pretty much all the main meta champs atm are all his creations, he just makes himself OP champs and plays them, lastly kalista (best adc basically) EDIT: I never said anything about OP or whatever, I'm just stating the vast differences in these champs stats for two support juggernauts and the fact one was made by certainlyT someone with a track record of making his own champs vastly op next to the rest of league. I actually think morde is fine but and whilst darius was fine before this patch and definitely didn't need a buff I still think hes pretty ok. Garens the OP one.
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