Annie the explorer

{{champion:1}} Boots, Have you seen my bear, tibbers? {{champion:62}} Yes, swiper stole him {{champion:1}} We need to get to Swiper's lair, do you know the way, Boots? {{champion:62}} No, but map probably knows {{champion:1}} Okay, say MAP {{champion:62}} MAP {{champion:1}} Again, say it with me MAP {{summoner:31}} (League of legends community) MAP {{summoner:32}} I'm the map, I'm the map {{champion:1}} We need to get my bear, tibbers. He is in Swiper's lair {{summoner:32}} Okay, First cross the river, watch out for the crocodiles {{summoner:32}} Then cross the magical land of tower dives, but be careful {{summoner:32}} Then you will be at Swiper's lair {{champion:1}} Okay, so first we cross the river, then we walk through the towers and then we will be at Swiper's lair {{champion:1}} Do you see the river? {{summoner:31}} (League of legends community) Behind you {{champion:1}} Where? {{summoner:31}} (League of legends community) BEHIND YOU {{champion:1}} In front of me? {{summoner:31}} (League of legends community) BEHIND YOU FFS {{champion:1}} /all Report my team for flaming Next episode: {{champion:1}} [Because of your report, we gave permanent ip-bans to your teammates] {{champion:1}} We did it, we did it, we did it, yay {{champion:62}} (Messages available 1/5) lo hicimos {{summoner:32}} (Map) {{summoner:30}} (Backpack) We did it {{champion:1}} We got our team banned yeah we did it , we did it yay YAY HURRAY WE did it dudududu
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