Only feeders

Dear Riot, your system is dumb!!! In every game I get only feeders, so I cannot carry even when I go 1/1/0!!! Enemy team always has diamond smurf, everyone is toxic, so I have to report them all, and there's always that one guy who is 0/100 !!! I deserve challenger, but I stuck in bronze due to feeders and your dumb system, I deserve to play for SKT T1, Or C9 or any other LCS team, but I know only these 2. Oh yeah, there are a lot of hackers, I used to kill a volibear, and when he was so low, he started to heal, but he didn't have heal in the summoner spells!!! P.S. This is only a joke, these sentences we all hear a lot, and for those who think that they are stuck because of feeders, wake up!! It's only because of you, and if you are bronzed, you should not feel the shame, about 50% people are in bronze, me too. But, I don't care much about division, I play for fun, and when I deserve to go out of it, I will. Good luck in Ranked, and don't worry about your rank :)))
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