How do you play Vs Zed

Everytime i go against this guy i struggle so hard.... It never used to be so bad when they rushed Botrk but they mainly rush lethility.. I cant rush ZHonyas first anymore because the lethality he builds just counters the armour so it nullifies seekers.... when i do get it to be the full Zhonyas i cant really use it ... mainly because i see Zed just W E Q which reduces you by about half HP then they just ult which i can use zhonyas to block but then its just allowing Zed to stay around for another Q and auto... Ive even build tabi on top of it to help even further but still doesnt help.... Also i found when i rush zhonyas im struggling even further to manage my resources to trade against him Ive tried rushing mana item - ROA and morrelo to just push waves but then he just ignores the wave enagges on me and kills me instead then proceeds to get the wave... Even champs ive tried Lissandra (which i am experienced with as mastery 7) but the issue i found here is that the only thing i can use to trade effectively is Q as W is too short range and E is a slow long CD projectile that should be used mainly for its utility... With just using Q i found that he out damages me with his W E Q and he can just poke me down just as i can do to him... i can deny his ult damage but again its the same with zhonyas he waits around for my ult to finish then engages and this is another issue... Hes got hexdrinker first to reduce my damage a lot...
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