Can you nerf Katarina already???? 52% win rate 20% pick/ban rate in both plat+ and diamond+ (

I dont get how riot isnt nerfing her but they recently buffed her 52% win rate 20% pick/ban rate . Her kit is cancerous her snowball is 1 of the worst to play againts in the game. I get that she is and assasin and they snowball hard like zed talon kha ext... But no champion should be rewarded so much for being ahead and even when she is behind if she picks up 1-2 shutdowns she is crazy her teamfight is broken an assasin she shouldnt be able kill with her mass ulti , her pick potential is crazy she is way too safe in the laning phase(mobility),her healing is off the charts with gunblade conqeur and truimph and for the all assasins should be below 50% crap she has 52% win rate at 20%pick/ban rate on 9.15 (plat/dia+) (not too many games on 9.16 yet) (excuse my spelling i am not a native english speaker )
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