Why I Am Giving Up On League Of Legends

I have been playing League of Legends since Season 2 and spent over £1000 on the game whether that be Skins, Chromas, Wards etc so I have more a less seen it all but over the Past Two Weeks, I feel like giving up on the game despite my dedication to it and here are the reasons why. 1 - Ranked. I did not start playing ranked till about 3 years ago, and it was great back then, but now, I have lost faith due to multiple things. Every other game I play, it seems the Team I am in either has a Troll or AFK. I can't even enjoy a game without at least one person leaving the game or Trolling. Of course I report all players that do this, but are Riot actually taking our reports seriously? The Percentage Rate of people Afking, being Trolls, Toxic etc are just increasing so quickly, it doesn't seem Riot can handle it. Does not seem they are doing anything about it. 2 - Bugs. Twice this week alone I have had to re download either the Client or the Game itself due to bugs with the Client. Can't even open it. The Hextech Repair tool does nothing to fix it and therefore frustrates me more than it should. Then within the client, whether it be Lobby or Champ Select, more bugs or glitches appear. 3 - Chances. I have given Riot so many chances and defended them when it comes to people moaning and groaning but now I understand why. It does not feel like Riot are prioritising certain things to help customers and players out when it comes to enjoying the game and I have just given up all trying to defend their backs. I know I am going to get backlash for this post and I could not care less anymore. This game is no longer enjoyable and the more negative stuff we see within the game, the less we play it. It saddens me that I can no longer enjoy the game. I'm just hoping comes out of this and other people's posts because the less Riot continue to care about their players, the less they will see of us.
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