Set's calling card is a bad idea

So there seems to be this secret(ish) mission that gives people some thing. Nobody really knows how or why. It's probably 10 first bloods, but it doesn't seem to work for some people. I have noticed myself playing games JUST to get this thing, because.. well.. most of you probably know how "fomo" works. It works especially well here, because nobody knows what we actually miss out on. It's probably not worth worrying about, some icon maybe, blue essence, but who knows, right? Time is also likely running out for getting the card, so I've been playing champs I never play and play stupidly risky just for first bloods, because that seems to be the best bet. Nobody likes that. Not my teammates, not me, well maybe my opponents that have an easy lane after I got first blood. If i got it. I should probably also have counted how many times I did. TLDR Riot, please don't make secret missions or difficult missions with an expiration date a thing on SR, they are not fun for most people.
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