NERF GAREN ( RIOT NERF HIM don't be Ret*** like everyone else says please Do good thing once)

HELLO riot games you always nerf the stupid champs like akali , irelia and more and more that you think is annoying (i don't know why not nerfing zoe's dmg) BUT now listen This CHAMP that i'm talking about he is beyond Crazy in his brain no matter what the player he always can 1v5 the game if he just run it down. LISTEN plaese NERF FKING garen your stupid champ not that players in high elo not playin it that doesn't mean low elo aren't abusin him to climb or even make our day like HELLL so pleaseee DEAL WITH it i don't care that champ is crazy he can remove slows and Q with hella dmg and silence and E just hell and of COURSe the ult NO DMG he is and hit you with 1082 DMG that GIVE NO DAMN SENSE please DEAL WITH THAT riot READ THIS and nerf him . Instead of nerfing zed that is a high difficulte champ everyone agrees that Garen need no god damn skill to dominate with it and he doesn't give you A DAmn spot to punish him for his insanity PASSIve healin. DEal with his stats and his abilitys by nerfing it and make it at least balanced for his ULT. GOD DAMN so tilting to play with it
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