Will this work on Tristana?

So I've been thinking of making a build for Tristana, and I've come up with this: Rageblade => Infinity Edge => Rapid Fire Cannon => Essence Reaver => Nashor's Tooth And for the boots: Berserkers (35% Attack speed) Okay, so for the statistics: 70% crit 240 AD 130 AP 2 attack speed (2 attacks per second) with RFC / Rageblade / Nash tooth and Tristana's Q 40% CDR thanks to essence reaver / nashs tooth -- As for the damage, when you crit you should get: 600dmg. in addition to rageblade's passive( 15 magic dmg ) and nash's tooth passive (another 15 magic dmg and 15% of ur ap dealt as dmg). Thanks to RFC passives, and tristanas range at level 18, you use E ability on the tank during a teamfight, Keep autoattacking, if they try to focus you in a teamfight, you use orbwalking, you use W to escape, and you have a flash. (deadly, isn't it?) E scales with AP, W Scales with AP, You deal so much damage, You have 2 AS, You have escapes, (can be used to slow) Should I start using this build?

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