Okay so how on earth do you guys play Darius in low elo?

Looking for genuine tips here. Once the tower goes down, I have two options - Either to split push or team fight. And teamfighting with Darius feels like trolling at best due to all these high mobility characters, high damage, and CC, due to which you get burst down in less than 2 seconds despite building armour if you try to be the front line which engages. This causes me to want to split push mid game and take towers in which case my low elo teammates can hardly ever try to defend and we end up losing more towers than I'd take. So here's my question to those who have had success with Darius - What on earth do you guys do with this guy once you've got your tower? With Garen, I would usually teamfight and have no trouble charging thorugh the ranks to attack their ranged carries. Darius however cannot do that and I've been terrible at teamfighting with him due to how easily he gets kited. Also do you guys split push with him often? Advice would be greatly appreciated.
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