You can't play this champion unless you have lvl 4/5/6 mastery on it , Riot needs to do this .

Seriously in ranked people must play with their mains only , I met many people in ranked who are playing a specific champion for the first time in a ranked match , and they have no idea what they are playing but they end up feeding saying " my main was banned " It's Yasuo or Master Yi btw most of times , so what I'm trying to say is that there must be a rule where you can't play a ranked game unless you have 10 lvl 5 champions or so , I know that lvl 5 or 6 or 7 means that they don't play well , they just play a lot but at least it's better than people playing a champion which they have no idea how to play , I was in a ranked match where a second time teemo was feeding a lvl 7 yasuo in top lane and their yasuo was in our top lane inhibitor in the 13th minute ! please think about it , I'm trying to leave the ELO hell where I'm in but simply it's about the whole team ! in every single ranked match I'm the only player with his main while most of my team are not even lvl 4 mastery in their champion and again , I know lvl 7 mastery only plays a lot but doesn't mean the players is skilled , but at least that player has an idea how to play that champion , and to avoid trollers and first time players , as for smurfs who are not lvl 4 or 5 in a champion , you can lvl up with that champion during levelling up to lvl 30 , it's a small cost to avoid trollers in ranked! I posted this in NA boards , and got only downvoters and haters , I hope you understand me here
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