If you AFK for 2 minutes, Just don't bother coming back !

SCREENSHOT: https://prnt.sc/ki55n9 So i was in a ranked Game in my second account, got a Client Bug (something about DirectX problem i can't remember), the launcher was Closed, i keep clicking on RECONNECT in the client, but it only show black screen, so i had to restart my whole computer, and thank god i have a monster Computer it only took me around 1 minute to fully restart my computer and open the game again, i got back into the game (after being AFK for no longer than 3 minutes), after i reconnected the enemy team was already in the Mid inhb after we had 2 towers up before i DC then they went to the Elder dragon, asa i reconnect i went straight to that elder and managed to stole it, died but my team got the elder buff, they waited for me to re-spawn then we did a good teamfight with me one 1s that fed Jhin and won it and won the game. then WOILA!! Victory but with -19 LP & 5 Games AFK BAN !!!! This System is so GOOD that's just telling me if i get a problem next time or i DC somehow for more than 3 minutes, i might just go take a walk with my Dog or eat something, because either we win or lose after i reconnect i will LOSE LP !! Yes not even +0 LP !! it's - 19 LP !!! so i won't even reconnect and let the team that deserve to win, LOSE. and the team that doesn't deserve to win, WIN. What a smart System riot! Good Job !!
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