Who is this dominant tank that kills everyone in one hit

Every assassin/adc main I've heard talks about tanks being able to one shot assassin' or adc. Other than squishies trying to duel me for too long and getting outplayed I've never been able to 'oneshot' a squishy. I've been eaten alive by adc's and assassin's in like a second as full on tank and just think to myself, is there any point playing tank at the moment, but if I want to discuss it iin the forums the majority just say 'tanks are broken, you one shot us stop complaining' This is always your excuse to tank mains that don't like a change 'duh well it's better than you one shotting everything', your little warcry. where the hell is all this 'one shotting' coming from? Edit: Come on guys, give me some context, you all want to spam it whenever a tank main is unhappy, so tell me who is this tank that is one shotting you poor assassins/adcs
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