Nasus is so broken!

He was so weak early but after these new buffs he can now be a beast at 10 or 15 minutes. His q buff doesn't make sense,his w slow and cd too. How is it logical that after slow in late game after the duration he slows you again after 0.5 seconds?His ultimate duration,cd reduction and lifesteal are too much. It just became unhealthy for the game. I expect some people to cry and say that he is balanced and not played in pro play or high elo. Does everything need to roll around high elo and pro play? What about people who play this game like me just for fun that they are not getting. How does that 0 skill champion (i dont have anything against ez champs) rewards you for last hitting? Like you dont have to miss everything,even Veigar can miss his stacks but Nasus can't.

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