Daisy Bug/inconsistent - Ivern

Just a quick post, now I've not clocked in tonnes of games with Ivern, four of them to be exact with a 75% win rate on off ap tank cdr build. However, there is one glaring inconsistency in his kit and its Daisy, sometimes she attacks, sometimes she straight up does nothing, sometimes she travels on Q, sometimes she refuses to move. Frequently (and I mean this as it occurred in each game) is how she cany navigate the jungle well, ironically. Getting stuck on corners, walls, standing still then teleporting next to you. The rest of iverns kit, i've had next to no issue with and as a support + jungler centric player, I love him so far. But Daisy needs some drastic fin tuning and some form of AI. It's inconsistent when redirected with R and the alt left click is on and off as well, leaving her stood there doing nothing sometimes in teamfights. Also.. can she hit laning minions? Because Ive had her stood there, doing the combat animations yet dealing 0 damage at all. The reason this is here is, I'm not sure if these are bugs? Or just the mechanics of the champion, but either or, it can kind of weaken Ivern in a way that's out of the Summoners control Just a heads up!

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