Do something to Ahri

She is waifu. She sells skins. She is in balanced state according to Riot but I don't agree. Ahri is op right now. Especially with Rylai change and Assassin Update. She can have counterplay, low damage but she has everything except that. Riot said high win rate was problem with high pick rate. Do you know her stats? Answer me. Ahri has 53.1% win rate with 15% pick rate. We're complaining same things about Lee Sin, Vayne, Yasuo, Viktor, Vi, Syndra, Lucian and others. But Ahri? Why she is immune from nerfs? From real nerfs... She took a nerf but it was bugfix. (Charm bugfix) She became god tier soloq pick for a long time. Riot come to one's senses. The game’ s not fun anymore. Because of you. Because of balance. Because of double standard. Because of favouritism. I'm writing here but I have not played this game for three months. I will not play this game before it was balancing. I wrote many topics. Several complaint, several question etc. But this is my last complaint and it is hearty. You will go under because of favouritism. Be sure!
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