Riot, do you realize

That nobody likes odyssey missions? Heck, nobody i played with likes odyssey in general. The whole gamemode is cheap, with obnoxious voicelines repeated over and over, and the fact that you need to make it even harder in order to win something decent is stupid. Some people have (and will) pull out the "there are games that are hard on purpose and that's why people like them" card but to that i say: shut up. Dark Souls is hard because it was built from the ground up to be like that, it's a game that's meant to challenge you and everything in that game is made to be hard but not impossible, you just need skill. Odyssey is not, it's plagued by RNG monsters, attacks and drops and the only strategy that was actually viable was patched a day later (let's not talk about the players who are being punished for leaving games for over 2 months, that's not a serious problem and it can wait). Oh but this gamemode is so FUN, waiting 2 hours to find 5 people that you never met and never played with in order to get good at a gamemode that will disappear in 2 weeks JUST to have a shot at finding ONE 1820 RP skinthat may or may not be one of the old ones (TF, annie, corky), surely won't make people more toxic in the regular game. I sincerely hope you never pull out something like this mode again, it's not fun, it's not rewarding and only makes people angrier. AND WE REALLY DON'T NEED THAT IN THIS GAME.
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