Tried Blind Pick for the first time (solo) since 2 years ago

I don't understand how this mode can still be alive and breathing while teambuilder was removed. It is THE most toxic game mode I have ever witnessed. Right at the lobby, one of the two midlaners decided to ignore going support yet being the last one to call (Stupid system either way). So then we proceed into the game, I get to play ADC alone on botlane versus a regular matchup of an adc and a support. The jungler on my team decides to try and get a mark (was playing Kindred) and first time it goes well, then he dies after coming soon again and I was pretty low on health and had no heal or anything to support him with. He starts to flame me like there was no tomorrow, calling me a kid, noob, l2p and all that jazz. And this continues on for the rest of the game, he dies every 3rd minute of the game and the game shockingly ends up in us loosing the game hard. So again I ask you, why is this mode still alive? At least teambuilder prevented that and with the new update to supports (supports being much more fun to play than they used to be imo). Why not just bring back teambuilder and remove this appendix of a gamemode? The reason I was playing blind pick was because of the EXTREMELY long time you have to spend in the lobby in draft mode. I mean approximately 8 minutes for bans and picks, and then there is that special snowflake who leaves at the last second because his pick got banned and just decides to waste everyones time. I dearly hope that you will reduce the lobby time when the 10-man bans roll in. /Rant over.{{summoner:1}} For those of you confused of what I mean. I mean this masterpiece of a gamemode:
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