I think I'm done for a month

I'll probably come back, when fiora is nerfed or something, being a tank is just unfun atm if you want to downvote, fine, more power to you, but just being a tank isn't what it was last season you guys have made everything so strong that a tank is pretty much useless, I'm getting mowed down like fodder. and it's not fair on anyone wanting to win a game I like to be the big shield that people would think 'i could take him, but I risk being cc'ed and have the whole team jump on me' now it's just 'oh hey it's the guy that builds health and armour, but will die in a second because i have so and so item, I need a guardian angel, so i'll just kill him quickly for some cash' mabe ou should give us a new stat called 'true armour' that can't be shredded because essentially we're just people have built a bit of health and that's it with these items. if that;s too op, put a threshold on it, that forces you to have xamount of armour/mr or requires another item to build into. to stop non tanks building it might just try a different role, idk. Am i missing something, you guys push the fact that tanks have this insane burst, where? who has it, I've never even seen a full on tank nuke somebody? are you on about early game?
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