Anyone came up with any slick Akali combos yet?

Share some. I came up with a pretty safe trading combo. Try to wait out at least one spell so the enemy cant trade back too hard. Try to get in q range and hit them with it ( to trigger passive). Then walk back ( to activate it). Now drop your smoke bomb (which restores your energy if you are low just in case), use e away from the enemy so that you would dash into him (like using cait net to catch up). This is important because your shuriken will mark your smoke. Now you should be in auto range if you did it right. Drop your empowered auto, another q and if possible another auto (which will trigger electrocute for more damage). If you see damage incoming or are in danger, just e back to safety. This can even help avoid a gank if you fake out an all in and then suddenly back under your own tower. Heres an example of me trading with a zoe and escaping with no damage taken when I got hit by a sleep bubble.
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