About actual number of players in this game

When I was Silver3 previously I was 12 million in rank and 75-80% from top. After rating reset I am now 3'900'000, lets round it to 4 millionth (globally). And I am 90% from top. What the heck, Rito, where are all those 8 million of players? I think your game actually has only 3 million players maximum, other is accounts of boosters/smurfs etc. Boosting company, disgusting. Your "playersbase" are not real people. And this elo hell just destroys your actual players who could possibly donate more to you, but will not do that because they don't enjoy this "game" of yours. Matchmaking is same frikkin awful as before reset. I think only full real reset could help with this situation, because it just frikking suxx to be in elo hell silver-gold forever. Yea, you heard me right bronze-silver-gold is actual elo hell. Trash players, trolls, dump idiots... There is zero difference between bronze and gold player, they are both trash. Yet this divisions exist for some reason. Really if you just delete this extra divisions, game will be better. Just delete iron and bronze, put all those people into silver. There is plenty of room.
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