Who to main?

I am a Jungle main but I love to play any role, and currently main {{champion:76}} with a secondary of {{champion:412}} support. I wanna change this up a bit and play champs that don't get as frequently picked so I can play them more. I have narrowed it down to a few champions and I would like your opinion please on which champ I should main next. {{champion:131}} : I have seen her snowball potential in the Jungle and how quickly she can delete squishy targets, looks a lot of fun though I have never personally played her before. {{champion:421}} : Was originally definitely gonna get her but now I am not too sure as there have been recent nerfs to her in 6.17, so not so sure now... when she was on free rotation, every game I played with her I won so that was cool. {{champion:163}} : Although not a Jungler, I am curious whether I should get her or not. The first ever game I had with her I went 25/5 which I found pretty impressive, so I thought I might give her a go. {{champion:38}} : Also another mid laner, I am very good with him when he is on free rotation and I love his playstyle.
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