Let your supports get the cannon minion please!

obviously, only when they have Relic shield items though... Just played a game with Thresh bot lane and was matched with a Jhin. He did not realise why I was getting so irritated with him last hitting every minion, especially the cannons. I tried to explain that we SHARED gold on things I last hit when I have the orbs around me. But he still did not get it. This led me to not trust his experience as a ADC even though he was claiming to be a pro (isn't everyone pros?) and so I played passive for the whole laning phase. ADC's - remember, if you let your support kill 2 cannons, that's a free pink ward for the team (and a tiny bit left over). If the tanky support gets 7 cannons that's boots or cloth armour. But the most important thing of all. You lost nothing, because the gold is shared. so please, when your support pings a minion, let them take it. I know your ego will take a hit because it might look like your CS is lower than their ADCs. but remember, you are SHARING cs... (Update: I was not aware, but when you share CS this way, both the ADC and Support get a count on their CS - thanks to the comments that corrected me on this) p.s. if you want further reasons. It also heals you when the support CS's this way...

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