Oh boy nautilus look older than the oldest artifacts in this game... , i mean he is like so bad to play , he could just tank damage , idk why people tend to run for him , i mean q is likely not that good if you freez lane nad stay safe , the rest of skills stunns and etc.. are so easy countered by morgana or qss ,in teory this champion should benefit of a rework after me , i am not even kidding , i am likely no seeing much possibility into playing it that high level to do something with it and be effective ,on same segment vi have close skills to what nautilus kind of doing mostly ... , and her passive is a bit more usefull and r can't be stoped , while she have shield on using w ... , my opinnion is that nautilus could be more than this... . They could make it a champion who dive inside a hole of water with his targets down sinking them into and dealing damage for his R , as he have an anchor is logical it could be a good logical skill , q would be like throwing your anchor over an enemy to immobilize the enemy under the anchor weight,w would be a pasive making him move faster while his anchor is away of him over targets , and he needs to get back the anchor for total reset on q.. , it would be something like olaf but different from origins and what he does , the e would be sinking underwater mod having a distance he can travel being untargetable. So basical mode to play you sink going into enemy throw your q over your enemy , go to it and take it back to reset , maybe use it again on an enemy , going more close use r and finish your enemy ,could be a way of seeing this hero more serious than what it is now.
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