Way of reworking by Rito Games. Example: Yorick.

Yorick initially was strongly sustained med-damage top fighter. He was very tanky, was building Trinity to proc more damage and used Thunderlords for trades. Even with start of Corrupting_Pot, he was trading very efficiently. He had his weaknesses, tho. As classical toplaner he was kinda limited in his damage output in teamfights, relying more on his slows and heals. Then came rework. This Yorick was resembling old one by his Ghouls. But he wasn't tank anymore. But your trades were still good. Don't miss your E, cast ghouls right after and don't miss W, target will get significant damage. This is a lot of "IF" conditions. Champions like Fiora/Riven were still counter-picks because they block/stun ghouls and easily dash out of W. But Rito were thinking "ouch this champion is badly designed". So instead of doing something good, they screwed Yorick with re-making all of his abilities and agro mechanics. Today Yorick of season 9 is complete trash pick. He is weak before 13, like Kayle. Yet he does not outscale other toplaners. He is forced to pick Grasp, when Conqueror suits him better. This Yorick, current version, does not depend from your great plays. Ghouls reduced to trash. Garen is counter-pick. Generally, Yorick is just worse version of Garen right now. Ofc people will shittalk like "look he got 51.9% winrate on u-gg". But his banrate is 1.3%! One percent thinks Yorick can be any severe danger! Just look how much he is played. In Challenger, where people supposed to know his strong sides, JUST 30 GAMES. WHAT THE HELL, RITO? IS THAT HOW YOU DEVELOP CHAMPIONS? His pickrate is 0.5, 0.9, 0.9, 0.9, 0.5% Less then Rengar top with 1.0% YORICK IS NOT EVEN LISTED AS TOP LANE CHAMPION ON STATISTICAL SITES IN CHALL. PS. RIP Yorick. You was interesting to play with, I played with you against all picks possible and could always find some ways to farm, even vs completely broken trash like "Zoe top" (when she wasn't nerfed yet) and so on. PS2. Well, Rito. You released a reworked champion, and just after one year he's not playable anymore. Good job.
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