AFK / New Fill-In-System

Hello guys/girls, The most annoying thing about this game is ofcourse ... afk's even there is a report system, etc ... it's not enough _in the past 15 games, i played 7 afk's games. i know it's extreemly high but it's just ... bad luck but i think everybody has often games with afk's, the chance of winning that game becomes even more hard most important, it's just not fun to play 4 vs 5, or to win a game just because of an afk ... _ **FILL-IN-SYSTEM i think riot should make a fill in system, if a player is longer then (2/3/4/5) -min afk, there is an open spot. People who wanna be the hero, or wanna play a shorter game. Can join a (random) game, and take place of the afk. ** i think this would be a lovely system and could solve a lot of frustration for many players, |this is just an idea for Non-ranked games| Would u like this system ? ... no more games with an afk :) Thanks for reading, TheOtherClone
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