Why does Riot think Diana needs a strong level 3?

Currently on the PBE Diana is getting a Mini rework which swaps her E for her R so she now has her reset dash on her E and her AoE Pull comes on her R and also now deals massive AoE dmg so she also now has a effective teamfight ult. Why does Diana get this rework tho? Like on U.GG she has been at a 52% Winrate for a while now and she has been really strong the last season with her spell binder D cap powerspike which allows her to oneshot literally anyone. Why does Diana now also need a strong level 3 with her reset dash that allows her to actually take people on pre 6 i thought her weak laning phase till 6 was a way to balance out her obnoxious ult powerspike that she gets when she hits 6. I thought if any rework Diana was in for a real rework because the way she oneshots people lacks real forms of counterplay.
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