Normals vs Ranked MMR Suggestion

Hey there everyone ! As most of you know, normal games and ranked ones have a different MMR, so people who only play ranked will still have base MMR in normals which can lead to some very unbalanced matchmaking . It basically make them smurf unintentionally. I might be missing something in my suggestion, so correct me if I'm wrong or if I forgot a detail that will make this bad : I totally understand why the MMRs are separated between those 2 modes. Players don't have the same level across all roles and need a place to practice and/or test new builds. So normals and ranked shouldn't have the same MMR. But how about linking them partially and in only one direction. Hear me out. Basically, a lot of the skills we learn are transferable from one role to another. If somebody is plat level in a role that he mains, he obviously can't be bronze level in the others but he'll be at worst high silver/low gold in them (due to farming, game knowledge, mechanics, etc). So what I'm proposing is to make it so that normals' MMR can't go down more than 1 tier compared to ranked's MMR (this value can be decided by Riot). So if you are plat in ranked for example, your normals' MMR should never go down bellow Gold 4. But winning/losing in normals won't affect ranked in any way. **PS :** Whenever I talk about a rank (like Gold), I'm referring to the MMR behind it and not the actual rank.
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