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No need to read mine opinions if you are not into that i would like to see how others feel about League atm. as most of my friends and ppl i met in game complain about not having fun . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Idk if you guys feel the same but new runes system is kinda uncreative aside from major lack of balance. I did not want to jump to conclusions but now after playing extensively in pre-season and somewhat now, thou i feel game is really dull so am loosing and desire to play aside from first win bonus . I'll try to sum up the issues that tend to make my game unsatisfying to play: 1. Runes 2. IP 3. Game related issues (ex balance) **1 .RUNES** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Idk about you guys but i really enjoyed playing jungle Katarina that required AD reds Armor yellows AP blues And 2 AP and one AD purple rune Attack speed Trynda and AAtrox Mana regen Ziggs etc. etc. Basically i was enjoying playing differently something that i created that suited my play style Old runes had their faults if you went for dmg ex blue you would lose out on MR or armor If you went for HP yellows you would lose out on armor etc. you could also seek your own balance for matchups and they made a lot of them bearable even if you were hard countered (which was plausible before) Now you don't play to abuse your champion in lane matchup (which for me was the fun part of the game) but you look to abuse runes with your champion kit ever since masteries changed that but now it's even more obvious as you cant take runes that countered masteries that were more streamlined imo. I could go way more in depth on this but two major factors that i feel game lost is Creativity and Champion uniqueness (yes some of the runes enhance champion kit but for most part they are dull and uncreative) **2. IP ** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is short one I just hate new system i feel like am not working towards getting champion i want i just get shard and do math to see what fits i don't feel like am working towards buying that champion, also how the fck should i get 7800 IP for new champion feels like forced to spend RP for me as new system does not make me enough IP or encourage me to set a goal and work towards it. **3. Game related issues ** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This one is really affected by the ones above (read runes) but i'll try to put it in a shorter context. Yeah we all know that meta shifts and that is fine only reason ppl make creative builds is bcs of the meta shifts and they affect meta as well by doing that which is a fun process but new meta is way to mehh . The thing i feel we are loosing the most is Solo carry potential over pasts 5 seasons . This game used to be fun bcs of players like Faker could pop off in lane/roam fight etc. and carry made the game fun for me i know that many feel differently but S2-S3 and maybe even bits of S4 felt like a balance between team that worked in sync and players that were good and team would usually support and enable their carry player/s. Aside from that i think that dev team is really not thinking how to improve game-play most of reworks and new champs have busted kits to make them sell . And all reworks go far from what champion used to be. Items are tarded as well mostly one to two build for a champion that work and second one is a variation more often that different way to build and use a champion. Also wtf with removing so many items ? Once notable i remember are DFG, blue pots, green wards and now even sightstone i actually liked playing lee in lane ... i get that it will reduce no sighstone supp (which is nice as well as laners abusing supp item to gain gold from like poke etc.)... Ikd this game gets duller and dumber by the patch , i know that Riot is here to make money but i think that it gained most popularity back in s2-3-4 while the game was still fun to play . I know am not that relevant to tall about League highest i reached (on a now perma banned acc for a good reason as well) was master tier and am plat now bcs i inflated my MMR to Plat 1 + in preseason for sake being ranked into gold at least so i would not have to play this season and get rewards . Sorry for the long post , and i meant not to hate on anyone i just wanted to express how i feel and maybe start a discussion or simpler a post where you can share your feelings on LoL this Season. **GL HF** {{summoner:3}}

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