@Riot Then why did you remove Ranked Teams? And why don't you make a "duo/trio" queue?

First of all, please understand that 4player ranked teams are hellish, especially for the solo players, but also for the premades who will be unable to comunicate with the other one properly I think unless you create a new map or gamemode, I believe that allowing premades of 4 (IN RANKED) is a bad idea As for the current problem of DynQ, **_Here is a solution (a real one)_** **1**: _Give us Ranked Teams back_. I have no idea with you removed it, do you even understand how it feels for friends with a very different elo to not be able to play together anymore. The mmr of the premades would then not be calculated from the individual players but with the mmr of the team. I believe what you said in the "round"table is not rightfull **And add one thing please:** before Queueing up, _the team captain chooses the pick order of his team_, and who will be having bans (allow one person to have more than one ban please) **2**: _Add a new duo+trio ranked Queue_. I personally like ranked team 3v3 in twisted treeline, but people like me are very scarse. I remember Riot Games were supposed to implement the magma chamber, but somehow decided not to. _This Queue NEEDS to be a Dynamic queue, but instead of people choosing roles, the duo/trio HAS to choose 4 combos in order of prefferred__(ex adc+supp or top+jung+mid I also think that the roles should not be on the player's name but as "this premades owns these roles" **3**: _Give a solo Queue_. A real one. AND please, if you implement a Dynamic Queue for this one, you need to buff the support role (might be hard considering you need to make sure you don't interfer with the other roles in doing so)

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