Sick of these AFK's in every second game...

Right now I'm on a fucking edge, lost 3 matches in row because every match I had somebody AFK and somebody feeding the enemies... START PUNISHING THE LEAVERS AND FEEDERS HARDER FOR FUCK SAKE!! Last match Fiddlesticks went 0-3-0 top lane, then disconnected, never came back... Match before that, Kalista trolled and went 1-16-1 Match before that I had top and bot laners go 0-6-0 in 15 minutes. PS: Riot, your match making "MMR Balance" is just flawed as fuck (at least for normals). Every time I get a win spree (I had 10-1 W/L -> normals MMR spiked up) you get matched with SIGNIFICANTLY lower level/skill allies and higher level/same level enemies. Not to mention these lower level allies have tendency to either leave matches early or just troll. EDIT: I want to keep on playing, just because I want to play the game, BUT I can't enjoy any of this, when matches are COMPLETELY unbalanced. I feel like I'm being punished just because I could play good and won multiple matches in row. Such "balance" is illogical, what makes you think punishing somebody that does good is reasonable? EDIT2: I think that match making should just keep on letting teams be actually equal MMR/skill level, not try to slow down high/rapid growth of MMR with weaker allies. If person is truly that good, they will win, win, win until they hit enemies that are better. Then they either slowly gain MMR, stop right there or slowly drop... BUT forcing losses on somebody because they have rapidly gained MMR in a short period, is just silly.
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