The community does not understand what the definition of toxicity really is.

So we all know how it is to play different roles. We know how reliant we are of each other. It's a team game afterall. Whether its supp and adc reliance or jungle reliance on solo lanes. We know how frustrating it can be to get camped and how irritating it is. So you as a player ofc say to your jungler "Plz come top and make it a 2v2- you are useless if u just farm in jungle" - Immediately the jungler replies "report top for toxicity" All you wanted was to make your jungler aware of the issue of him not doing anything besides farming, but instead he immediately attacks back and categorize you as a toxic player, even though you just wanted to bring awareness about his jungle pressence being low. So is there anything that I am misunderstanding or am I just toxic? I can't tell my supp to go ward? Is that toxic? Is it toxic to say to your supp to not stay alone in lane because they will die, and then when they stay and die you say "I told you to back off" Is that toxicity? Is this what the community has become? We can't tell others what they can do without being toxic, especially if we are playing champs like {{champion:119}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} ? In 10 games of league of legends I would say that I get an average of 5-6 reports in ranked, just because I tell my teammates that they could do something in another way. This is btw in diamond elo. People think that they are gods, they think that they do not make mistakes, and when you tell them a mistake was made they immediately do as mentioned categorize you as a toxic player and report you after game. So is it just me or have people totally forgotten about the honor called "helpful" actually trying to improve your gameplay. Which my name also indicates?` I hope that you will take part in this discussion and tell me if I'm wrong and why.
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