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Hello beautiful community , i ll try my best to not write the "f" word, so here is my word on items balance and stuff like that , i know im not challenger or wtever but give it a try and read it -so now we saw the new items , okay adcs now are super strong that they can really carry with just a good tank support , fine but did you forget about tryndamere? yasuo ? melee crit users? , phantom dancer is now useless on bruisers , why would a melee champion have to buy 3 to 4 crit items TO FINALLY DEAL DAMAGE , and now, lets tallk about survivability , lets say 4 crit items , okay , 1 slot for boots , okay , so finally 1 slot only for life steal / GA??????? basically now tryndmere can be kited by cait 1v1 to death reason? no life steal , no felxibility on build , same goes for yi , its even worse on YI , on season 8 , as a tryndmere main ( thanks to foggedftw and streamers like him ) i achieved a really good performance on this champ , i used to hyper carry if i play it well and get fed i could even 1v9 , i could end the game if their enemy team makes a mistake , BUT NOW 9.3 , A CAIT , single champion can kill me, SEJUANI???? i can't even 1v1 her due to her SUPER tankiness + SUPER CC + DAMAGE , while i still strugle to get the statikk shiv and some items without making this post long , if you are a yasuo main / tryndmere main / yi main , or any melee champ mainer you know what i mean CONCLUSION ::: WHY DOES NOT RIOT MAKE AN ITEM BUILD PATH FOR MELEE CHAMPIONS , AND AN ITEM BUILD PATH FOR RANGED ONES , COMPLETELY SEPARATED FROM EACH OTHER gap closer items for melee champs? , anti kite item ? , melee champs without gap closer are basically useless this season thank you for reading through this, {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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