Tips to get out of Gold Q

So this is what i experienced with players in my games so far and it happends allmost every Solo game i am in, so this just pretty much confirms why i'm gonna Duo because i dont have to deal with these things anymore Because i get someone i can rely on and help the load off, lets be honest most people are in gold because they either got boosted or they are smurfing so here's to my gold queue buddies who are secretly bronze this is what you can't do: - Can't macro - No vision control - No map awareness - Can't teamfight ( mostly cuz of people splitting or unable to group) - Get counter-jungled and dont know how to deal with it ( due to the 2nd 3rd points) - Suffers from tunneling This is what you should do - look to keep your side-lanes pushed, ( so you don't get sieged and you've got some pressure) - Always keep an eye out for your jungler ( no matter how stressful your lane might be, no matter how tilted you may be, Always check the mini map always i can't stress this enough, listen to pings common stuff) - junglers take a control ward with you if you have room, or try to deep ward if you see the enemy jungler gank or somewhere else on the map. I'ts easy to lose track of the enemy jungler and this way you can always predict where he's going and most importantly no get camped in your own jungle - threat level i know this is common sense at this point, but i still see it happen too much that people focus like a huge tank over a mage or adc or carry supp, always check who's fed and who has the most impact in a team; example if they have a Rakan you dont want to engage a fight because his ult is a game changer so he should be picked off or focused -Expect to be ganked around 3:00 that's when the jungler has cleared his route and is looking for either a gank or scuttlecrab. If anyone of you has some more tips they are welcomed, they are not for me, but for the community Ty

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