Would half the game quit if Lee Sin lost a few things from his kit?

I am just wondering what has kept Riot for reworking this monstrosity, as he is still the only champion to get out of a rework by pure community rage. I think its completely unfair that he alone gets special treatment regardless of if his rework would have been good or bad for him. I personally still believe he is overloaded and overpowered and every time he gets a nerf, people jump on the hate cannon for Riot. So why does the community believe that they should be able to decide champion balance states when they are seriously biased towards that champ. I main {{champion:43}} and I like her exactly the way she is at the moment without changing her at all (Maybe she could be LoL's first manaless mage since only AD champions have been able to benefit from that and the other "resource" that is laughably called "Energy") but I would not childishly whine at Riot until they decided to change her, despite being one person, this was what thousands of Lee Sin Loveboys did and its completely unfair. It just proves that Riot are too scared to actually do anything and are hold to ransom by these biased, inflammatory players and only one part of the community actually benefits, the rest of us who have to deal with this thing.
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