Ignite vs Exhaust (on support)

Hello fellow summoners, one again I turn to you to seek your opinions and wisdom about something. This time I'd like to know what you think about supports taking {{summoner:14}} instead of {{summoner:3}}. I personally feel like it happens more and more often lately and I have very mixed feelings about it. I can kind of understand it on all-in supports like Leona or Annie but I even saw a Nami and a Soraka with Ignite and it made absolutely no sense to me. Personally, I would never, ever take Ignite over Exhaust. I have never been in a situation where the enemy didn't have a nasty assassin on their team that needed to be exhausted. It's amazing when the botlane skirmishes don't go as well as planned and it can even be used offensively because it slows the enemy and makes them take more damage. What are your thoughts on this? If you are one of the supports who pick Ignite, what are your reasons to do it?
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