New account, but long queue times issue

Hi there a few months ago i moved to another country and when i wanted to start playing league again i realized that i did not have the money to just transfer my main account (only account). So i created a new account but soon i found myself having to play the tutorial again, feeling restricted cause i had no summoners and rune pages. Grinned my way to the point where i can play aram ( love me some aram ) and thought cool, now its gonna be more easy cause aram games are short and less toxic. But now when ever i switch from my main to my second account i notice that the queue times are just stupid. On my main it takes about a minute max 2 minutes, but on the new account i sometimes wait for 5 minutes. So then i thought, i would queue with friends.... but makes no difference. Now i know getting to lvl 30 can be quick if u duo in 3v3 with boosters. But i have no money for boosters and tbh 3v3 vs bots is just boring. My question now: is there a number of games you need to have played before queue times go down?
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