Yordle Master Challenge Completed (A view from the player)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9TaPTuH9wI For months I've been eager to obtain S ranks left and right with the champions. Sadly the system does not care how to actually win games, only to how to perform on your very best. Most think it's an easy feat, I'm here to prove otherwise... As days passed and I kept playing, my mind became heavier and less lucid with how I played my yordles. I've caught myself looking for tips, trying cheap tricks (Tristana top, Rumble support, Gnar adc, etc.) and even to rely on friends with pre-30 accounts in order to make things easier for myself... But that's not the worse that has happened to me... http://orig03.deviantart.net/26d3/f/2017/101/8/1/afraid_yordle_by_johnnyhedgehog1992-db5f88r.png I caught myself slowly being corrupted by the same toxicity that has affected millions of league players... I was slowly becoming one of them, my heart skip fast as I dreaded becoming HIM... Become what everyone wrongly judges my main for... I've done things I never felt proud of, and my friends took the abuse of it, even random people I've met as they read my desperation. The scariest thing for me... Is that even after what I've said and done... I never got reported... Not once, not even a warning, not even a chat ban... For several months, I wondered why... What would led people to not outright destroy me for my behavior, for revealing my weakness and giving them a chance to strike me down and ruin what I worked for two years... Then it hit me... They knew... They knew that deep down, I could never be like everyone else... Deep down, I'd never truly hurt anyone, not even my friends... These people... They respected me... They forgave me... And I did wrong upon then... http://orig11.deviantart.net/12d8/f/2017/100/b/2/dumb_yordle_by_johnnyhedgehog1992-db5b7y1.png I don't deserve anyone after what I've done... But I am grateful for them... Hopefully they can forgive me for my actions... http://orig00.deviantart.net/9131/f/2017/101/f/9/relaxed_yordle_by_johnnyhedgehog1992-db5f88v.png I must atone for my sins and promise myself to never perform a challenge that actually requires me to tryhard (Anything that requires S ranks or the use of the mastery system for victory). So I've been wandering the Rift, back on my main and spreading messages of peace and prosperity. Spreading a cure against toxicity as I do my own rehab. To teach players to care and respect each other and not to strike each other down or give in to their greed and ego. This is my path now. This is my destiny. Hopefully things will be better as time passes. I wish I could earn an icon after what I've been through, a summoner icon to prove how loyal I was to the yordles. Sadly, Riot does not do custom requests on stuff most likely, so don't think I will ever get such a thing. Maybe they will finally rework Bandle City lore... For better hopefully and dreading for the worse and do the same thing with Demacia. Who knows... And Teemo... This is your birthday gift, sorry for being 2 months late. Here's another one to apologize for my tardiness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJb28jTeuxE
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