Hey Riot, why you changed Fizz? After the W Rework in 8.14 Fizz feels very bad to play and less fun. He is an assassin and gets damage over time with his new W autoattacks now. In patch notes 8.14 you mentioned that his W was not very intuitiv to use because one have to wait until his W is charged. I dont think so. Good Fizz players who put work into learning him play around his W charge. This made him sooooo fun to play and a very UNIQUE champion. Now he gets a unspectacular Autoattack Buff like almost every Champion. This doesnt synergize with Fizz kit because he dont use Attackspeed or Tank Iteams. The result is that people try Tank/Bruiser Fizz but this also doesnt feel very good to play. I think Fizz was in a very good spot before. PLEASE change him back to 8.13. Thank You

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