We need more champions with silence

This season has become to ridicules. You got so many champs with lack of counterplay and have 0 cooldown on the most insane damage based or crowd control abilities there is. You even have those who can spam spells like crazy and it barley cost them mana. Take Cassiopeia for example. She can prevent you from flashing or use a dash ability, what kind of retarded unecessary concept is that? But silence? NOOOOOO! Why stop your precious spam to win champs? Magic resist is god awefull aswell so to have some counter against mages would be nice. Even when I play mages I feel like the game turned to easy mode because I deal so much damage from nothing. I never really bother to buy magic pen on most mages either because what is the point? I shred tanks like butter anyway, only magic resist item I respect is Maw and hexdrinker because it gives a shield. You either need to make more champions with silence or introduce new magic resist items or buff the current magicresist so we can finally ease down this whole magic damage rampage that feels so out of place in league.
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