I fear for Kled.

Kled was fine before 9.14 A good early game with the high chance to be outscaled, sitting at a nice 51% winrate. Now Riot decided it was neccesary to give his Q a 60% healing reduction. Making kled the highest winrate top laner. Pretty much destroy anything that has sustain in fights Kled used to struggle in. Things like Nasus, Vlad, Bruisers with Conquerer. Kled now beats them all. Now. We all know Riots cycle of balancing. And now I will show you what I think is gonna happen, starting with 9.14. - Riot Buffed kled Q. - Kled now OP. - Riot nerfs everything except the Q. - Riot nerfs core items. - More nerfs to skills. - Another core item nerfed. - Main Keystone nerfed. - Now kled is the worst toplaner. - 9.14 Q buff removed. - Kled left untouched for a year. This was my official application to the Riot balance team. Thanks for your consideration.
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