Please dont rework Aatrox.

Ok, i know I might be in the small minority here. But I truly dont want to see Aatrox reworked. I love playing him the way he is, he is one of the few champions where I have fun every single match that I play, win or lose it is Always a delight. I have played him since his release when he was stupidly overpowered, I have played him when he was nerfed into oblivion. When I won with him I had fun, when I lost with him I had fun. And I just know that that they will give him a stupidly overloaded kit. Not to mention that I like being one of the few players who actually enjoy playing him. Those are just my two cents on the subject, I know fully well that this post will fall on deaf ears. And the fact that I am a lowly bronzie wont help the matter :P
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