Evelynn should get some changes

I really love the new {{champion:28}} evelynn rework, but she is too easy to counter at the moment. Im making comparements to other assassins, while i bring up my points. Sorry if my english isnt the best, im actually german :) 1: Her Camouflage Radius. To reach an enemy Champ, she has to be very close to her target in order tu use her E as a leap. Yes, you can use her Q as a trigger for her W. Lets compare it in excample with Twitch and Rengar. Twitch has a higher range, higher lategame dps AND can deal tons of aoe dmg with his ult. Rengar can jump onto his target, before the target even knows from what direction he is coming. So both are pretty hard to counter, since only controll wards work on them at this stage. Suggestion: Decrease the camouflage radius, so she has a chance to sneak onto her desired target, even in teamfight stage. 2: Her W Ability At the moment, her W ability is a sign in the middle of the enemy team "Hey, an assassin is about to jump here. Good to know, at what EXACT point we have to look at". In addition, her ability cant get triggered by Items or Summoner Spells like {{item:3146}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3030}} Hextech Items or {{summoner:11}} Smite. Lets compare it again with {{champion:29}} Twitch and {{champion:107}} Rengar: Rengar doesnt have to wait for a debuff on a single target to charge, he can load his stacks while he is safe and outrun every target with his ult to deal enough dmg to kill a carry in under 0.5 seconds. (Record time i saw was a fed rengar killing me in 0.00 Seconds before i even knew where he was coming from.) Twitch doesnt even have to charge up stacks, he can press right click and loads of dmg hail down onto the whole enemy team. Suggestion: Either make her W invisible for the targets allys, so that still enough room for good teamplay exists or let it get triggered by Summoner Spells and Items. Another possibility would be to make her W an aoe effect with a radius like {{item:3107}} Redemption. Then the enemys dont know exactly who is the target (Like in rengars case) and there is a tiny amount of time more that evelynn can use to kill her target. 3: Her Passive Ability: At the moment her passive ability is like a free Warmogs Armor from midgame on, and before that a permanent active health potion until a certain health pool is reached. Yes, this ability is needed in order to have enough sustain in jungle, but it should get a nerf. Suggestion: You can make the passive max hp rate be a flat amount of 50% of max HP and apply the AP rate to the healing rate. Excample: Evelynn lvl 18 with 2000 HP and 500 AP. She can only heal her to 1000 HP, which is enough to assist in urgent matters, but makes her weaked, so she has to regain health. If we use a healing rate of 0.1 AP per second, it makes her heal 50 HP per second, what means she has to wait around 20 seconds to get from 1 HP to her suggested cap of 1000 HP (50%). Its fast, but still not broken, since this regeneration only works outside of battles. I know, she is a strong champ if the enemy teamwork is weak and/or they dont have CC, but since evelynn is an assassin, i think she has to have the target access to take out an ad carry and escape from the battle, since this is what an assassin does. Go in, kill, go out. There are many assassins who have it easyer to do that, since there is no warning on top of the targets head like {{champion:238}} Zed, {{champion:91}} Talon, {{champion:105}} Fizz, {{champion:121}} Kha Zix and so on. So i think these changes would make evelynn a bit more fun to play. Let me here your comments, im open for other suggestions or critic. Greetings: MantelKun (EUW)
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