how to win TFT in a nutshell

team comps what's that just build alot of early 3 star units (garen ww darius etc..) get lucky item drops and build glacial if possible along with your easy 3 stars cause freezing an entire team is fair right? RIGHT? all jokes aside this is what every game i've been in so far has boiled down to just go with easy to three star units get sorta lucky with item drops and you'll 99% of the time get top 3 don't bother bulding actual comps or if you do be prepared to lose alot of rounds before you finally get your comp finished (unless you go for a very common comp like noble or knight) and hey let's say you want to build say yordle comp (hardest comp to get finished imo) congrats it's end game you just got your final yordle and going up against a fully itemed 3 star ww or darius or garen or etc.. you get my point and your team of 2 stars (if you're lucky a 3 star) is going to get shredded unless gnar pushback is on point and the miss RNG is on your side don't be lied to the champ pool is not randomised. if you really pay attention to end game screens you start to pick up that the units never really change sure a few might switch but not enough to make a huge impact and before any of you say WeLl JuSt FlEx My DuDe stop it get some help just cause you decide to build common comps doesn't mean it's that easy to flex especially considering how often you can go 10 rerolls without getting a matching class/race and say you start getting demons so you switch mid game oh boi guess what no more demons and now you're getting the class/race you built before that you sold to build demons yes i hate rng and yes ik the whole don't like don't play it but it's annoying that nobody clearly sees how unbalanced the "limited randomised" pool is and how unbalanced a 3 star common is against a 2 star epic/legendary even equal items
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