Why don't u make boots a seventh item or remove them completely!

U have done so many changes that have pissed off people. Removing or reworking their favorite items that at least brought some active game play into the table. Why don't u remove boots or change them in a way that won't ruin the sixth item option. It's very annoying and boring all those years having the same concept every season. Buy boots-buy boots-buy boots. Something always 100% must buy that u just don't enjoy to buy. The fact that u can't remove boots shows me your inability to balance the game around their deletion or a change on them. The fact that everyone buys them, they have a passive play-style(offering only movement speed and some stats that are boring to play around yet very important to make the difference on a chase or escape) stands against your standards about active game-play and in general player experience. At least think about the damn fact that the have stuck around the game for so long with the same concept: give-u-movement speed and movement abilities that they have passive play-style. In my opinion u either remove them and buff all champions movement speed per level or transfer them to runes or place them as a seventh item option without other stats(ar or mr) but movement speed only. I hope this change happen soon actually. At least at the preason of season 8.
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